On our retreat in May we’ll be following the ReNew Food Plan.

First up, we hope participants will agree the food is delicious and, at least in the morning and at lunch, you can eat as much as you like!

So what’s it all about?

The Renew Food Plan from the Institute for Functional Medicine is a therapeutic, short-term approach often used as a first step in:

Ridding the body of the most common foods that cause inflammation;
Identifying food allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, and triggers;
Eliminating foods with potentially addictive and harmful components;
Providing nutritional support for the body’s detoxification systems.

From IFM ReNew Food Plan, comprehensive guide 2016

A reset diet gives the gut a chance to calm down, heal and renew itself. We’ll be suggesting participants (and the retreat team) cut down or stop consuming sugar, caffeine and alcohol in the few days leading up to the retreat so that we all get clear of grumpy moods and headaches before the retreat begins!

Answering “yes” to one or more of the questions below indicates a range of possible concerns, such as addiction to sugar or processed foods, exposure to a high level of potential food triggers or allergens, and the likelihood of a high total body burden of toxins.

Do you routinely consume and crave fast food, packaged foods, and processed foods with sugar or flour?
Do you consume fish or shellfish regularly? If so, what kind and where does it come from? 
Do you regularly eat fruits and vegetables that are nonorganic?
Do you eat fewer than five servings of fresh fruits or vegetables per day?
Do you consume lots of animal products every day (e.g., meat, milk, cheese, and eggs)?

That’s pretty much all of us, right?

The ReNew Food Plan focuses on removing processed foods with sugar, grains, and dairy— the main sources of most food allergies and intolerances (also referred to as food sensitivities)—as well as artificial sweeteners and processed chemicals. As a result of eliminating these foods and chemicals from the diet, the body will be better able to repair tissues and eliminate toxins.

As well as the food, there will be meditation, Qi Gong and modular learning. It’s a Buddhist retreat, with periods of silence and time for walks and relaxation in the gardens or countryside around Rivendell.

We really hope you can join us. Full retreat information can be found here. For bookings or queries, please get in touch.

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