A new Qi Gong course for beginners is starting in Bethnal Green, E2

Jin Jing Gong is a form of Daoist medicine practice capable of powerful physical and emotional transformation. It focuses on strengthening the tendons as the key to invigorating the whole body/mind system. It’s fun, dynamic and simple to get started.

The course is led by Joanna Niccalā, who studied and practiced the form in China. Her teachers are Prof Wang (pictured below), one of the few remaining masters of authentic Daoist practices in the tradition of the Yijin Jing, Tendon and Sinew Changing Classic, and his direct Western disciple of many years Prof Fruehauf.  The full name is Jin Jing Gong Shi Si Shi.

Saturdays 10-11.30am starting Oct 12th 2019. Classes on the following dates: 12/10, 19/10, 2/11, 9/11, 23/11, 30/11.

Six weeks £66 or £15 per session drop in.

Venue: Chapel St. Margaret’s House21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9PL 

Professor Wang

To learn more about the lineage visit:


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