I’m currently enrolled in the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program on my way to qualifying as a Certified Functional Health Coach. I’ve successfully completed the first six months, which has been an in-depth education in the many science-based practices that improve both our health and how we grow and change as humans. I now have the opportunity to turn that knowledge into practice by coaching actual clients interested in improving their own health and well-being.

Would you like to be a client as I continue to hone my coaching skills? Or do you know anyone who might?

Please contact me and we can develop a plan and schedule that aligns with your goals. I’m offering my initial sessions free of charge.

Health coaches …

  • Empower people to discover their own wisdom and strength
  • Help people create their own solutions to problems
  • Support them without judgment
  • Hold them accountable to their goals

Making real, lasting lifestyle and behaviour changes isn’t a switch we can simply flip. It takes ongoing effort and support. Health coaching assists people in improving their self-knowledge and awareness, setting personal goals, creating and maintaining new habits, and becoming their best self.

Everyone is different. What makes us buzz and what makes us want to change, varies a lot. My own journey from being a lawyer to meditation teacher, ordained Buddhist & health coach, has been based on connections, friendships and enquiring into life with as much honesty as possible. A vision of living well can include more than what we normally think of as health, so in coaching we have a chance to think broadly, look at the small details and the big picture. Where we travel is up to you.

Please contact me with questions and/or referrals. I’m ready to work together with people to improve their health and well-being.