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A coaching relationship is designed to help you discover your wisdom, strength and inner resourcefulness. In coaching you have a chance to think broadly about your life and discover what you really value, as well as take the small steps that lead to real change. It can be challenging because we all put up roadblocks and get stuck in unhelpful ways of thinking. A coach is a change agent, not a master or a judge. I’m on your side as you reach for your aspirations and figure out how to create and maintain better habits. With time we can all become more confident in our ability to live a fulfilling life.

I’m qualified as an ADAPT trained health coach through the Kresser Institute in California.

Please contact me and we can develop a plan and schedule that aligns with your goals. I’m offering my initial session free of charge.

I’m a director of Standing Body Health. We aims to bring a modern and helpful approach to health-care, utilising cutting-edge ideas from functional medicine and practices drawn from Buddhism and Taoism. I’m a trained lawyer and member of a Buddhist Order. I lead meditation retreats through the London Buddhist Centre and MCBT courses at Breathing Space London.

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